Constructing, Exploring, Designing, Futures in Organizations

CED4 aims to support organizations in outlining their own future and understanding how to affect it.

We believe that communication and learning are very important means to pursue a sustainable growth and life-long existence of organizations.

We believe that only a system and dynamic perspective can properly foster communication and learning, particularly when organizations operate in complex environments.

We believe that learning is a result of a cross-fertilization process that must start from inside the organization to encompass other organizations interacting with it.

We believe, therefore, that the primary role of Universities and Research is to fertilize their environment. This means promoting a continuous exchange of knowledge with other organizations to help them to survive and grow.

We believe that planning must be a learning activity aimed to foster decision makers in an organization to:
– Construct their own future, i.e. to build it, since the future can always be affected, even by those organizations operating in the most complex and unpredictable contexts, and characterised the availability of low tangible assets (e.g. financial resources);
– Explore their own future, i.e. to figure out possible outcomes that alternative policies are likely to generate over time;
– Design their own future, i.e. to reassemble the several pieces of the learning puzzle, to define the policies to adopt.


Therefore, the object of such a creative activity is Future.

Since most organizations today operate in complex and dynamic contexts, one cannot find one best solution to the problems that are requested to be framed.
In our perspective planning is the result and the means at the same time, through which a learning activity aimed to build several scenarios of alternative futures may take place.

Organizations are our object of analysis and intervention:
– both private and public ones;
– both profit and not-for-profit ones;
– both larger and smaller ones;
– both those undertaking growth, and those restructuring their own processes.

The need to foster communication and learning, to deal with dynamic complexity is the commonality embracing all such different contexts.

This requires the use of a common methodology. Our methodology to foster learning in decision making processes involving strategic planning is System Dynamics.

Constructing, Exploring, Designing Futures are the 4 key-words upon which the mission of CED4 is based.