Vincenzo Vignieri

Dr. Vincenzo Vignieri is a Postdoctoral researcher in Business and Public Management at the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations, University of Palermo (Italy).
He also is Postdoctoral researcher at CNR – IBAM (National Research Council – Institute for Archeology and Cultural Heritage), Catania (Italy), where collaborates on a project focused on “Strategies for Planning an Integrated Development of Urban Cultural Contexts.” Particularly, he supports the institute in creating a spin off to market the outputs of research on cultural heritage.
He holds an international Ph.D. in Business and Public Management. His research focuses mainly on destination governance and collaborative governance. He is also exploring drivers of the success of multi-sided platform business models. To frame cause-and-effect relationships affecting the sustainability of performance, he builds simulation models by merging System Dynamics methodology with performance management systems.

He is also Research Fellows at Dynamundo, a policy institute that embraces a deeper understanding of policy issues arising in complex environments. He works together with an international team which advocates for structural solutions to support the strategic development of territories, communities and organizations, based on multidisciplinary analysis, systems thinking and advanced mathematical simulation methods.

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