Enzo Bivona

Enzo Bivona is Associate Professor of Business Management at the Department DEMS (Political Science and International Studies), University of Palermo (Italy). He is also the Vice-President of CED4 System Dynamics Group.

Professor Bivona’s work focuses on the small business growth management, intellectual capital and corporate social responsibility. He uses the System Dynamics methodology to make explicit cause-and-effect relationships between relevant variables underlying the investigated business phenomena and to build simulation models to support decision makers to test and implement sustainable long term strategies. He has written several articles and two books on how to design and introduce planning and control systems in SMEs to influence the management and governance of such firms as well as, ultimately, their performance. He has also investigated extensively the area of intellectual capital investments and the underlying mechanisms that organisations can activate to improve business’ performance. Since 2000, Professor Bivona has been collaborating with private and public organizations to design and implement management control systems matched with System Dynamics simulation models to improve organization performance.

Main subjects taught:
– System Dynamics Modelling for Business Strategy (Master of Science Level)
– System Dynamics for Business Strategy” in the Erasmus Mundus European Master of Science Programme in System Dynamics (in collaboration with the Universities of Bergen, Nijmegen and Lisbon http://www.europeansystemdynamics.eu/).
– Business Administration (Undergraduate level)

He has written several articles on how management control systems integrated with System Dynamics models may influence the management and governance of firms as well as, ultimately, their performance.
He has also studied extensively the area of Intellectual Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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