Matching Commercial & Financial Policies in Small and Micro Family Firms

Matching Commercial & Financial Policies in Small and Micro Family Firms: the Small Business Growth Management Flight Simulator

An Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) has been built in order to reproduce the budgeting process of a small family-owned entrepreneurial firm, to capture how current decisions impact on business growth in a longer time horizon.
The ILE matches the accounting-related perspective through which spreadsheet-based budgets are drawn up, with the system dynamics view. Such a goal has been pursued through a connection of traditional Excel â spreadsheets with Powersimä SD models.
Playing The Small Business Growth MFS allows one to learn how:
– to draw up a budget based on a system dynamics perspective;
– long term goals may be affected by current decisions;
– business/family survival and growth are strongly influenced by current policies;
– linking short to medium-long term policies and commercial to financial and equity management issues is critical to business growth.

Paper pubblicato: Simulation & Gaming – Symposium Issue: System Dynamics and Interactive Learning Environment, Part 1, Volume 31, N.2, June 2000, Sage Publications, Inc.