Research Papers

List of our Research Papers.

Here you can find listed our Publications collected according to the different topics.

Small-Medium Enterprises

List of our Research Papers on the field. Bivona E. 1998. Applying SD to the Management of a SMEs: A Case of Study in wine industry. Paper presented at the 16th International System Dynamics Conference, Quebec City, Canada, 20-23 July 1998 Bianchi C., Bivona E. 1999. Fostering Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurial Learning through Accounting […]


Planning & Control

List of our Research Papers on the field. Bianchi C., Graham W., Gray C. 1998. The Business Plan As A Learning-Oriented Tool For Small/Medium Enterprises: A Business Simulation Approach, paper presentato: International System Dynamics Conference, 1998, Quebec City. Bianchi C., Graham W., Gray C. 1999. Computer-aided Visioning and Learning-oriented Models: A New Edge for Small […]


Public Administration

List of our Research Papers on the field. Bivona E., Montemaggiore G. 2005. Evaluating Fleet and Maintenance Management Strategies through System Dynamics Model in a City Bus Company, paper presented at the International System Dynamics Conference – July 17 – 21, 2005 – Boston. Bianchi C., Montemaggiore G. 2006. Building “Dynamic” Balanced Scorecards To Enhance […]


Human Resources

List of our Research Papers on the field. Bianchi C., Bivona E. 2003. Managing Intellectual Capital through Interactive Learning Environments based on System Dynamics and Accounting Models – The Dynamic Intellectual Capital Scorecard, Paper presented: EURAM Conference, Milan (Italy), 3-5 April 2003 Bianchi C., Bivona E. 2005. Using System Dynamics ILEs to enhance Intellectual Capital […]


Other Strategy Issues

List of our Research Papers on the field. Sruogis V, Davidsen P., Bivona E. 1999. The @Corp Case: Enhancing co-operation among managers of different business units, paper presented at the 17th International Conference of The System Dynamics Society – July 20 – 23, 1999 – Wellington, New Zealand. Crespo Marquez A., Bianchi C., Gupta J. […]