Spring School: Registration Fee and procedure

Spring School: Registration Fee and procedure

The Spring School Fee is Euro 500.00 and it covers:

Registration fees must be paid, starting from Feb. 1st 2016 (deadline is May 2nd,2016), through electronic bank transfer to:

Università degli Studi di Palermo – Gruppo Unicredit S.p.A. IBAN: IT09A0200804682 000300004577

As reason for payment, please quote: “DEMS” WITH YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME

In addition to payment, please:

1. register for the Spring School + Workshop and Symposium at the Registration Form;


2. submit your payment receipt using the Receipt Submission Form.

Once you complete the procedure you are fully registered.

On-site registration is not allowed

To get more information on the program you may contact: Carmine Bianchi, Professor of Business & Public Management, University of Palermo at bianchi.carmine@gmail.com
For more info on the International Conference & Symposium on: “The Paradigm Shift from Output to Outcome Measures in the Public Sector”

Ced4 (System Dynamics Group – University of Palermo)